Volume 2, Article 6

CLARITY: A case study application of a cognitive behavioural coaching model 

Helen Williams and Stephen Palmer

Citation: Williams, H., & Palmer, S. (2018). ‘CLARITY: A case study application of a cognitive behavioural coaching model’, European Journal of Applied Positive Psychology, 2, 6, 1-12. Retrieved from: https://www.nationalwellbeingservice.org/volumes/volume-2-2018/volume-2-article-6/

Volume 2, Article 6



Helen Williams is an associate consultant with the Centre for Coaching and a consultant at Sten 10 Ltd. She is a co-author of the book Solution Focused Coaching in Practice (with O’Connell and Palmer, 2012). In addition she has co-authored several chapter and article publications including ‘Cognitive Behavioural Coaching’ (with Palmer and Edgerton, 2018) in The Complete Handbook of Coaching Psychology (Eds. Cox, Bachkirova & Clutterbuck) ‘Coaching in Organizations’ (with Palmer, 2009) in The International Handbook of Work and Health Psychology (Eds. Cooper, Campbell Quick and Schabracq), ‘Introducing SOLUTION and FOCUS: Two solution focused coaching models’ in Coaching Psychology
International (with Palmer and O’ Connell, 2011) and ‘CLARITY: A cognitive-behavioural coaching model’ in Coaching Psychology International (with Palmer, 2010).


Prof Stephen Palmer PhD is Director of the Centre for  Coaching, London. He is Professor of Practice, Wales Institute for Work Based Learning, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and Adjunct Professor of Coaching Psychology at Aalborg University. He is the Honorary President of the International Stress Management Association and the International Society for Coaching Psychology. He has written and edited over 50 books including the Handbook of Coaching Psychology: A Guide for Practitioners, 2nd edition (with Whybrow, 2019) and Positive Psychology Coaching in Practice (with Green, 2018). He has published over 225 articles.