Volume 5, Article 3

Volume 5, Article 3

Life goals of Generation Z workforce: An Empirical Study
Dr Ravikiran Dwivedula

Citation: Dwivedula, R. (2021). ‘Life goals of Generation Z workforce: An Empirical Study.’ European Journal of Applied Positive Psychology, 5, 3, 1-4. https://www.nationalwellbeingservice.org/volumes/volume-5-2021/volume-5-article-3/

Volume 5, Article 3

Processing dates: Submitted 2 August 2020; Resubmitted 13 October 2020; Accepted 26 October 2020; Published 16 February 2021

Backgound: The purpose of this paper is to empirically understand the life aspirations of generation Z workforce.
Methods/Methodology: Exploratory factor analysis of data obtained from 289 respondents was conducted. Snowball sampling method was used to reach out to the
survey respondents.
Results: A three-factor structure- intrinsic, extrinsic, and altruistic life goals were extracted from the 8 items of the questionnaire.
Discussion/Conclusions: The current research extends the concepts of life aspirations hitherto studied in case of older generational cohorts such as millennials and generation X to generation Z.

Key words: life goals, life aspirations, generation Z, empirical analysis


Dr Ravikiran Dwivedula is Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Arts, Brandon University, Canada